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Who am I?

I'm a graphic designer whom always went for the path of the digital stuff.

After a long way of experience on print and digital hand work, I have been into project management as well, directing development teams and having direct contact with clients.

I have always been a big traveler so I'm not afraid to pack and relocate.

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Skills & Attributes

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Audio / Video edition
Adobe DPS

My Specialities

Web design

Clean, modern website designs.

UI/UX Design

Desktop & Mobile apps design.

Graphic design

Corporate identity, graphic concepts, branding.


Jun 2005
Virtual Seminar: “Slight Knowledge on Electronic Business”
UNITEC, México, México City / Sun Microsystems
Apr 2005
Virtual Seminar: “Orientation for Business Plans Elaboration”
UNITEC, México, México City / Sun Microsystems
Sep 2000 - Aug 2003
Graphic Design University Degree
UNITEC, México, México City



Hobbies & Interests

  • Music, music, music.
  • Movies
  • Photography
Trade News App
App UX / UI Design
Subaru México
UX / UI Design
MetLife México
UX / UI Design
UX / UI Design & Web Development
Blanco Yoga
Web Development
Street Food MX
Logo Design - App UX / UI Design
Conozca Más
Mobile App - App UX / UI Design
UX / UI Design
Cimzia Crohn Mexico App
App UX / UI Design & HTML5 Animations
Cimzia AR App
App UX / UI Design & HTML5 Animations
Informe de Sustentabilidad 2011
Web Development
Logo Design
Worldwide News from Latin America
Corporate Identity / Branding
Sport Koncept
Logo Design
Dedo Caracol
Cover & Book Design
Driver's manual

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